Why Do I Write? What Will I Do With It?

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In 2014 I was working with a great startup and we all were a very close and cool team.

I found out that, unsurprisingly, a few of my colleagues had a blog. So I thought to myself “Why not?“. Having a blog would certainly be interesting. I’ve always liked writing, this time it would simply be more… public.

That’s basically the story of why I started this blog. To… brag about it? I guess. My co-workers started calling it my diary.

It’s not a diary. They’re notes

The purpose of the blog or my writing in general were not well established. My inspiration came mainly from my interactions with the Venezuelan society I was forced into living with, by the mere lucky fact of being born there. A society based on “survival of the fittest” and “yes sir, sorry sir”.

I was a happy workaholic who managed to post an article daily for some time. But, again, never with a purpose in mind.

I’m participating in Writing 201 this year and my desire for this blog to grow along with my writing has been building up inside of me for some time now. So, here, this article is just about it, with some Obed’s flavor all over the place, *waves majestic hair in slow-mo*.

Why Do I Write?

To live life you must experience it. Writing is the closest I can get to understand this mess.

In “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, Carnegie explains that there are 2 reasons for everything someone does: the novel reason and the _real _reason. Here’s both of my reasons, the one I give when asked randomly and the real one.

My novel reason is because I love writing, it helps me understand the world better, to arrange thoughts in a comprehensive way.

My _real _reason is because I feel much more alive when I’m writing. Creating something gives us such power, it’s almost as magic. To give birth to a piece of Art that didn’t exist before, that _you and only you _could create.

If Picasso had never decided to paint there would have never been such masterpieces.

Apply the same to every major artist who created from thin air. A real artist. It’s just majestic.

I write because it brings me closer to being that little part of the Universe we are all intended to be.

What Do I Expect From My Writing?

Novel reason: nothing, just for the love to the art.

_Real _Reason: everything.

I expect myself to be satisfied with what I write, to know that I poured my very soul into it and left my heart scarred with yet another found truth.

Even if, like many other writers, I expect nothing from the outside world, the joy that a tweet praising my work brings is beyond words. Someone enjoyed and even found inspiring a piece I created.


I expect my writing to be a part of my that I will again be. I want it to provoke emotions in other and to make me a better writer, artist, human.

What’s The Meaning Of Life, The Universe, and Everything?

Novel answer: Love. I guess. Or happiness. Both. Family, yeah. Family and love.

Real answer: 42.

Call To Action: How Will I Improve This Blog This Year?

A real artist doesn’t depend purely on inspiration but in dedication.

A tree will not grow without water, sunlight or air. My writing will not grow if I never step outside my comfort zone.

There are 24 drafts in this blog. Pieces that will never be seen by any other eyes but mine because they were “not good enough”.

Not good enough for whom? No one but myself.

This year I will write more, on this blog, on my notebook (yes, yes, diary), on every piece of paper available. I will truly pour my soul onto everything I do and will not stop editing until I truly feel I created the best masterpiece a student of the art like myself can create.

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February 10th, 2016
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