Hello! I’m Obed Marquez Parlapiano. I was born in Venezuela. My mom is Italian so I was raised under a weird mixture of cultures. I decided to leave the country in 2014 looking for a better place to live and landed in Malta, a small but beautiful Mediterranean island. I’ve been here since.

I’m a software developer and avid reader. I love philosophy, science and good stories. My blog is a weird combination of everything I find interesting, from book reviews to social criticism, philosophy, short stories, and the rare poem. There’s no set format for the blog and I’ll post anything I find interesting to write whenever I get a spark of imagination.

I write mainly for myself, as I find it freeing and great for self-development and self-discovery. You might enjoy some of my publications and dislike some others, and that’s fine! I love criticism and discussion, so comment!

I’m an outright positivist and I believe there’s good in the world (but also bad). I’m super passionate about books and you’ll find a lot of book related posts in here! I’m also in love with coding, but I don’t really write about that.

I’d love to hear from anyone that cares to read or wants have a good conversation: @ObedParla

You can find my digital bookshelf here.