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A visual guide to React Mental models, part 2: useState, useEffect and lifecycles

I love mental models. They’re crucial to understanding complex systems, allowing us to intuitively grasp and solve complex problems. This is…

17 min read

A visual guide to React Mental models

I’ve learned that the biggest difference between someone that has mastered a language, framework or tool and someone who hasn’t lies in the…

15 min read

Migrating 5 years of WordPress to Gatsby

Back in 2014, I had the incredible idea of starting a blog. At the time I never imagined I’d write over 130 articles in 5 years. My blog has…

11 min read

That feeling you get when someone closely teaches you something

My daughter loves coloring. She draws and colors on any paper she can get her hands on, from clean white pages screaming to be filled with…

2 min read
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