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How I fixed my chronic pain by changing my developer habits

As developer’s we have a few proverbial health issues: wrists pain from typing so much, being exhausted from sitting all day, alongside back…

5 min read

Your job is to learn, not to teach

Chances are you’ve been part of an internet argument. The rules are simple: try to win without insults. Having a civilized discussion is…

1 min read

How to improve your team’s communication in the age of remote work

I wrote this originally as a guest-article in Smashing Magazine. Remote work is taking over the world, and the biggest obstacle remote teams…

15 min read

A visual guide to React Mental models, part 2: useState, useEffect and lifecycles

I love mental models. They’re crucial to understanding complex systems, allowing us to intuitively grasp and solve complex problems. This is…

17 min read
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