When Time became our God, and anxiety our companion.

black sand hourglass standing on rocks at the beach

The time is so scarce, it is somewhat frustrating. To let go of things you love, just to make some space for the things you might have a lesser love for, but that has more value in general.

It is hard to understand if there is really little time when you see giants creating a rock empire in the same time a kid needs to make a sand castle that is going to be washed away with the next tidal wave.

And most of us stand in the middle, thinking of our clicking time as an unstoppable train, going forward and forward without any stops, once you pay your ticket and you get in, better to get comfy because… this is all there is and ever will be.

But is it really all there is? How can some people hop off the train, have a look, buy some souvenirs, hop back on, and arrive at the exact same time as the rest of us, who never made a stop?

Is it really true the old story about the rabbit and the turtle? The turtle winning the race even when the rabbit is way faster? Is it worth it the rush if you will end up sleeping under a tree?

it is a scary thought; the idea of Time. The only God we can all be sure exists, for it rules our lives.

Time never dies. It rules over everything there is, watches the birth and dead of every single thing, from stars to little humans and beyond. It gives everyone and everything the exact same chance to shine and fall apart.

But as the Gods in all our cultures, Time is not so fair. Einstein showed how some tricks can make us fool mighty Time.

But unless The Doctor decides to take you on a journey, you and I are stuck here, hearing the clock ticking and wondering what we’re gonna do with our Time.

I originally wrote this post a long time ago. Can’t tell you exactly when, since I seem to have lost its history, but at least a year ago.

I started going through my posts and found that I had almost 40 un-published blog posts (!). This is the first one to be fully edited and published, I actually loved it and was glad to find it.

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