To understand each other is to live, to understand ourselves is to be happy.

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The ability of self-denial and self-loathing are very human characteristics. We wouldn’t think of any animal loathing itself or having self-denial issues, even though some do.

Even when others praise us for what we do, for our accomplishments and virtues, rarely we are capable of seeing through their eyes to find our own greatness shone back at us, like a mirror reflecting our true self.

The same seems to happen to all of us, it’s truly impressive how each and every individual shares a common mind, a society built on top of the same fears, dreams and desires.

The lover who sees only beauty on his beloved, the mother who sees only a wonderful son, the friend who sees the poetic soul of the quiet girl.

There are also those of us who see the bad, who can’t seem to understand what’s behind the veil of shadows that is ignorance. We’ve all been there too. The father that doesn’t understand his daughter’s love for that boy, the friend who can’t imagine what’s it like to be so timid, the lover who can’t see through his eyes and understand why he calls her beautiful every morning, more so when in the mirror she only finds faults in her canvas.

Skin made of bones, thoughts from emotions, life from time, time that we live in and rules our lives, keystrokes to print this time of my life.

To understand each other we live, our world is made of judgement to others and to ourselves. There’s nothing but what we make of our judgement, the best of them will make us who we are, the worsts of them will shape our way of judging.

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June 11th, 2017
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