The value of friendship.

friends laughing in a hill

As I sit alone my mind starts to think back to my past. Back to people that were once cornerstones of my life. Not just friends that shared their lives with me, but good friends, the best of friends, partners, brothers and sisters with different blood but loved as much as if we were twins. Companions.

I’ve had a many deal of these remarkable friends, at least for my own standards. I can’t complain of not having had someone to turn my sorrowful heart to in times of need or to get a good laugh with in times of fun. Very rarely I found myself alone, only with friends and without the truly needed good friends.

But as always there comes a time in everyone’s life in which you will experience what you have not experienced before, a time of solitude in which none of these remarkable friends in at sight and what you’re left with is only the memory of better times.

This is not a complaint, this is not a cry for help or a letter of regret. This is simply a statement of who I am today and where I find myself.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll find some more companions in the future, for as I grow older I discover that it gets nothing but harder to meet those soulmates that share their lives with you. My sensible head has nothing to answer but “of course you will”, but on weary times my heart answers back “and what if not?”.

What if not?


  1. I understand you because at times I feel the same way. I have plenty of friends and yet I still feel alone at times. I used to be very bubbly and friendly when I was younger, but somehow I am finding it harder to build connections and friendships with others, it doesn’t come all natural like it used to. I wonder.

    1. Yeah, the older and more focused on work and family I am, the harder it seems to make long-lasting, strong connections with people! That’s one thing I appreciate the most about going to university, I met most of my close friends back then. Life’s priorities change I guess.

  2. I’ve the same feeling. As time passed I discover that is hard to make new friends but older friends becomes more valuable, even if you see them for a few hours each 2-3 years, those few hours are invaluable moments that persists for years.

    1. I should automatically approve comments haha. Such a late reply, sorry!

      Indeed it is that way. I recently went back to Venezuela and seeing friends I hadn’t seen for over 4 years was great. It felt like I had never left.

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