Our endless journey to achieve self importance.

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The feeling of importance is one of human being’s most desired feelings.

Epic stories have been written, magnificent concertos created and cities have been destroyed just for one man to feel more important.

Almost any wish, desire or dream can be scaled down into one single thing: how important will that wish, desire or dream make it’s owner feel if it becomes true.

I read once that a man needs 3 things to be happy: Who he is. What he does. How much he earns doing it. If these 3 things are positive or important then a man will be pleased with his life, will be considered successful.

Each one of these questions tackles into the “how important are you?” question. This is the reason we chase promotions even if they don’t come with virtually any other benefit but the increased feeling of importance.

In Buddhism one of the traits you look for is the lack of ego. Ego is nothing but the desire to feel important, with it comes a wide range of undesired features such as unhappiness.

Let’s try to be less egocentric. Happiness should not be a derivative of our social status, be it brought to us by wealth, position or title.

Our happiness should come instead from understanding ourselves, the beauty of life and the simple fact that as long as we breathe, the world is full of possibilities. Possibilities to do good. Not to feel important by doing good but to ensure that our limited time on Earth has a positive impact, no matter how small it is.

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February 21st, 2016
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