On Greatness And The Fear Of Tomorrow.

a man in the beach looking at the sun

I believe humans have a tendency to fear the future, to stay away from the thought of what’s to come, the possibilities of it. They’re simply so endless and so impossibly unknowable that it makes our minds feel small, the same way you feel minimized when thinking of the immensity of the universe and how little you can do to really change anything.

We’re small, we’re minuscule in the grand scheme of things, yet that doesn’t mean we’re not meant for greatness. Greatness is a big word, wars have been fought in the name of it, but what I mean by it is not what any society means by it, what any government of individual tells you it means, what I mean by the great word of Greatness is what you think it means. Let me explain.

Think of who you are. Think of what makes you, you. Your answer is the only answer that really matters. No one will ever be able to define you better than you can do it yourself. You’re the only one able to truly understand what’s going on inside of you, even if you can’t put it to words, even if you can’t explain it to others or show it to them.

There’s a great saying that who you truly are is what you are to others. How others see you. That’s fairly true, we can only achieve things by cooperating with others, and who they think you are will ultimately define who you are to them, and who you are to society. But that’s not who you really are. What I’m trying to say is this: no one will ever know who you are, only yourself can know that. I can read all of Steve Job’s biographies yet never get to know him.

Same applies to every word, to every idea. What does “greatness” means to you? Being a good parent? Being rich? A good fellow? Helping others, having an endless collection of games or books? The only definition that matters is the one you have because your life is the only life you ever get to live.

So don’t let others tell you who you are. Don’t let other’s perceptions of you make you change who you are. If you’re proud of your wrinkles don’t let other’s insults make them less beautiful. That’s something we all learn as we grow up, we all kind of learn how to respect people by who they are, or at least to keep our mouth shut.

This all might sound terribly selfish, but humans are not meant to be alone. We’re all a hive mind, constantly mutating our own behaviour subconsciously in response to other’s actions. That’s why it’s so important to find people that you believe will push you to be more of who you want to be, to surround yourself with those that help you become Great.

If you ever look around you and you feel you’re surrounded by those people, close your eyes and give thanks to the universe, your God, or whatever you believe in, because you’re in a very good place to be, my friend.

Before writing this post I read one of my posts: “On Becoming a Man“. I usually don’t re-read my own writings after a long time, but whenever I do have a strange feeling that I never really wrote that. I always find my own memory of all that it’s written to be rather obscure.

I can’t shake the strange feeling that there’s this much wiser little man in my head that simply takes over when I’m writing and then goes back to sleep, as if he’s trying to share a bit of his wisdom with me whenever he can, but he’s just unable to do so on a day-to-day basis.

I guess that’s why I love writing, can’t seem to speak to that little guy any other way.

Maybe I should give him a name (or her, for that matter), and change my blog’s name to it instead because after all, who am I, but someone looking for my own greatness.

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