Oh well, it's 6:40am you see?

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Our friendship nowadays is determined by our Facebook connection or lack of it. The term “we’re friends” is now socially defined as having each other’s user ID in a long list of IDs inside a database, somewhere in the world.

It’s not the first time I realise, or for that matter, complain or judge our stupid and unnecessary dependency on a “social network” that is nothing more than business and a revenue through advertisement machine, but one that we’ve come to see as part of society itself.

How could we get acquainted with the latest events, who got married, which couple broke up, or who’s having a baby? How else could we dwell (deep?) into the minds and ideas of others, if they don’t share them with us on Facebook?

This very post will be shared on Facebook, so any of my long list of IDs in a database somewhere will have easy access to it if they care to read it.

Oh, social status. Oh, herd behaviour. Oh, dopamine high.

“Those Likes We Crave” or “In Others We Trust” should become our world’s new motto.

Excuse myself I must, but not declaring the “old time” were any better I am. We _do _live in the best time in history (for westerns at least). Most likely I would be writing the same things in a notebook for lack of the existence of the internet if I was born some decades or centuries ago.

There is no point in this rambling. If you’d like an ending, because that’s what is all about, endings, then let me say I woke up realising that my last writing sprouted a few months ago, that my fingers should get to work and that my mind was up to the task at 6:40 in the morning, and who or what to target?

I salute you, fellow happy slave of our own evolution turned against us.

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January 12th, 2017
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