I'm just a crazy old man on a blue box! And now I don't even have the blue box!

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I’ve just realised something funny yet interesting and quite insightful about myself.

There’s this thing I’ve done since I have memory, or at least since internet chats exist. You can call an Obed thing, one of those things that define people you know and you kind of expect it to happen from time to time for no reason whatsoever.

This thing is, well, randomly having a conversation with myself and asking questions to myself to which I answer, having monologues of Obed with Obed. It wouldn’t be weird (maybe?) is it wasn’t for the fact that I always do it in either public places (is Facebook considered a public place?) or in a two-person chat. It usually starts something like “Yeah but what if…” to what I can’t help but answer “of course! that’s why…” and there you go, a conversation started, my two personalities (three, four? Perhaps just a funny one?) having a chat.

What’s insightful about this is that I’ve always done it and I enjoy it greatly, it’s outrageously spontaneous and usually makes me laugh, yet I never understood the reason of these spontaneous outbreaks; I truly enjoy my own company.

I’ve known that I like being on my own for a very long time. As a kid I was a bit of an outlier, I was almost at the bottom of the popularity score, with my awkward intellectualism that makes a tall, glasses-wearing boy with spongy hair even more awkward. I was helpless but to learn to enjoy my own company.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had and *have* some beautiful and amazing friends, but whenever I’m feeling down, there’s nothing like a walk alone, or sitting in a park, with a tree for company to make me feel better.

I enjoy my crazy ass self-conversations because they’re just talking to the only other person that really knows who I am.

You know those jokes you think of, that are really only funny to yourself, yet it’s hard to understand why nobody else is laughing? Exactly like that.

Gotta love yourself you must, if happy you wanna be.

Coño, porfin publico algo que no es tan “intelectual”.

Estupido Facebook, que lo inspira a uno a publicar cosas estupidas en lugares que no considero estupidos.

Deberia dejar de hablar solo, la gente cool no habla sola. (?)

A quien le importa no?

Pues si.

Bueh, a dormir sera.

Cuando acabe esta cancion.

Si, obvio.

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June 8th, 2017
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