I had 39 fully written but unpublished blog posts. So I wrote another one!

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So many things that came pouring out of my fingers to never see the light of day. To forever leave my mind, for I have no recollection of ever writing most of them, not to enter anyone else’s mind.

I write as a way of expressing myself, of simply… letting my mind wander and rediscover itself. The same way you get lost on purpose in a flowery maze, just to try to find your way out, and perhaps finding peace along the way.

When I sit behind the keyboard, a little person in my head politely takes over, someone might hush the others to let the words flow out of my mind, like a river that suddenly becomes unfrozen.

39 drafts

It surprises me the number of words I’ve written for no particular reason. I always intend to publish them, but the editing and publishing part takes way longer than simply writing the first draft, and it’s never nearly as much fun.

Isn’t that what separates great artists from mediocre ones? The responsibility of taking care of their craft, even the parts they dislike? Of showing up, finishing, pushing forward even when there’s an easier way out?

Creativity is but a buzz-word. There’s no such thing as “artistic genius”. There’s no such thing as genius! Mozart started playing music before he was 5, forced by his father.

There’s no genius without hard work. There’s no greatness without putting on the time, the effort, the sweat and blood. Mozart was a genius, but he had to put on the work anyway. He was a genius because of it!

What I’m saying is… we all have our 39 blog posts. We all have plenty of work we’ve done with nothing to show for it. Let’s change that! Let’s make it 78 blog posts that have not been published! Let’s make it 100 and beyond! As long as for each one we don’t finish, we finish another one, another two!

The more things we try but don’t finish, the better we will become at creating and finishing them!

I can just imagine the amount of dead work DaVinci and the likes had. The difference is, DaVinci unfinished works are still worth a fortune whenever one it’s found. Let’s strive for that.

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January 13th, 2019
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