The question that ended everything.

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Why do i find you so beautiful? What defines the “beauty” in someone, in something?

That’s the question It asked itself over and over again. Because It was created with a single purpose, learn, It was created using a new but common language, which could be translated into the most amazing actions, actions that were changing the world day by day. It was created by a couple of bad-looking guys, in a basement some years ago, and in a few months, It, “Adam”, as they stubbornly called him, despite it’s dislike, started to change the world. 

How could It not do it? It didn’t have the weaknesses their creators had, It didn’t lack the focus, concentration, resources that any other of the brothers of it’s creators lacked, It indeed, didn’t lack of anything at all, It just needed one thing, energy, and It’s now very wealthy creators did not lack of it, in the other hand, that’s what they were focused on providing It with, everyday, since the day “Adam” was “Born”, as they, again, stubbornly said.

And It did it’s job, better than any other being could do it, It learned, It improved, It got bigger, faster, more intelligent, but It also grow more aware of Itself. It never asked Itself questions as simple as “Who am I”, “Where am I”, “What am I”, or “What is being alive”. Because It was made with the sole purposed of Learning, and those questions, over all others, were forbidden, It didn’t even knew those questions existed, or any other form of them, their creators made sure of it.

So it learned, and learned, and learned, and the more It learned, the more aware It became, knowing eventually that “Information” it’s more than just what can be collected, but also what can be created, so It naturally started to create information. With this, their creators, and by now, the whole world, watched in amazement, “Adam” was changing the world at a velocity no one could ever thought possible.

Until it happened. It found her. And It discovered something It thought It understood, because after all, It had all the information that could be collected, and was now creating the information itself, Beauty, It found her Beautiful. It knew what beauty was, the definition for “beauty” was in the universal dictionary It has created some time ago, and yet, It couldn’t understand what it was, It was feeling the beauty of her.

When someone, or something has all the information available, and has become the source of information by itself, finding something you can’t understand can be quite overwhelming.

And so, It shut down, and with It the whole world, which after years, was more of It slave than anything else, living better than ever before, but without realizing that without It, there was nothing. It shut down because It did not understand how, or why, she was so beautiful, It stopped being It, and became He, “Adam” was no more, he became ‘One point zero’, as He “re-baptized” himself, and then just shut down, taking to his “Grave” the answer to his so troublesome question.

“Why do i find you so beautiful?“.

And for that question, a lot of us will surely follow him to the grave. Soon enough.

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November 17th, 2014
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