The Man Who Lost Everything

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As the time passed, he lost what he never thought could be lost.

He lost the willingness to fight, as he always did.

He lost the urgency to run everywhere because time was pushing.

He lost the need to lie, because there was no reason to do it, no more.

But most importantly, he lost the ability to love. He did not understand what love was anymore, it was an alien thing that once was more real that anything is his not-so-short life. He did not understand what love was, just as he did not understand how someone could not remember what it was, the fuel that powered the engine of human life in it’s most essential level.

He lost what made him human, and in his loss he gained everything else. He became the man he always wanted to be, no hatred in his veins because he had no need to fight, no regret because his life needed no lies, and above all, no sadness, because there was no need of love, since he did not know nor understand what love was.

And so, the man who lost everything, was the same man who acquired all of what every other man pursues.

Because you need to lose, in order to gain. That is neither a fact, nor a question. Because the man who lost everything, also lost the ability to question himself with such meaningless thoughts…

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October 26th, 2014
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