Poem: What you have

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What you have, insight of love.

What you have, inspiration for life.

That, what you have, that, what I desire, for I am not a human without the desire of you.

Those, who look at the world and don’t see the miscellaneous creativity striking like lighting when seeing you.

What you have, I wonder, because I don’t have it.

What you have, I look for, because it’s missing. A piece in my puzzle, lost somewhere while traveling the stars in a well made Blue-Tardis Canoe.

I wonder, behind the scenes, while watching you dance, red and black whirling, meshing together, what you have, that, making you shine in the stage of my wondrous world.

That, what you have, that I desire, that, what you have, that I wonder, that, what you have, that I’m missing.

That, what you have, shall never be mine, shall never be ours.

I’ve been wanting to write a poem for some days now, since I got into this kind of  writers/bloggers kind of community called Writing 201: Poetry, and I’ve been receiving their daily email with the topics for the daily poem, but (and of course this is an excuse) I’ve been too busy to write a daily poem, not because of not wanting to or the lack of desire, simply, well, hadn’t started. This poem is not for that daily poem, I just tackled into some sparkling inspiration generated by some random thing, as usual, and this is the result, enjoy !

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February 20th, 2015
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