Poem: The Shape Of Us.

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As the wind that washes the shore Corroding the tallest mountains As it whistles songs of love That the trained ear can hear

Do we also change When others touch our hearts And slowly shape our lives? When hands are held together And minds wander afar

Are we also shaped As we see people come and go Delivering goodbyes and farewells Teaching us what others taught them Leaving their scents behind as a reminder.

For we are born unshaped, untouched Like a crystal when it’s raw And maybe like a crystal so We are also beautified as others come and go And we truly learn the meaning Of the most sacred word of all Love.

I was half sleep and I “found” of this poem, or this poem “found” me, so after it was realized in my mind I quickly wrote it down. This is the real poem’s closest representation, as the real one is lost forever somewhere in my mind.

I needed just a few minutes to write it down (I hope it doesn’t kill the magic to know so). My wife liked it, and asked me how it was possible to write a poem in just a few minutes. The way to do so is either letting the poem find you, or finding it yourself. It might be a terrible explanation, but it’s the best one I can find. I don’t create it or force it into existence, it’s a living story that I’m gently unfolding and as each line is perpetually written down the next scene slowly appears.

Hope you enjoyed.

Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash

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August 3rd, 2017
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