Poem: Ourselves.

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When there is time, we think When the rush of everyday life leaves us Then when we can afford to look into ourselves To understand who we are To look beyond automatic responses Understanding who we are, that’s what we try

When there is time, we feel When the weight of false appearances fades away Then we find ourselves with emotions we rarely notice To understand those feelings To get to experience them without crumbling down Experience life while being alive, that’s what we fight for.

Our mind, divided in two One guides us through the world, silently The other notices the details, loudly When they stop working so hard That’s when we feel and think beyond habits When we think we should be happy but are not It’s because no other time is available To reflect upon ourselves

Some of us break down Under the weight of our emotions And the harshness of our thoughts

Some of us step up And become the philosophers of our own self Then we understand the thoughts Then we enjoy the emotions Than otherwise would have crushed us Given time and lack of attention.

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June 19th, 2017
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