I want you. He said.

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- ‘I want you’ He said .

And she didn’t say anything back.

- ‘I want you, I want so many things with you’.

And she did not say anything back.

- ‘I want you, I want so many things with you. I not just want you, but i want the me that would be yours. I want the me that would trust you and hope to be trusted by you. I want you, indeed I do, I want to be yours as you would be mine, know you with the sexy uncertainty of life itself. I want you, i want our bodies to challenge everything our mind finds logical. I want you, i want you to read my thoughts through my eyes alone, to understand the underlying not-so-obvious commentaries. I want you to scape with me, leaving our friends behind, they, that think we’re crazy and rude, but they, that don’t speak nor understand our secret and speechless love language’.

‘Oh, yes i want you, for reasons i hope you share with me. For the good-old reconciliation sex, for those sweet sweet happiness tears, for the idiotic smile we would cause each other’.

‘I want you’.

The words that were never said, because as he wanted her, she wanted him back, the eyes of the lovers sparkled when they found in the darkness.

But he was destined to a greater future, a greater destiny, a king between ordinary men, a godlike yet mortal being, no different than any other brother in the flesh.

But she was tied to another world, one with enough rules to sacrifice the most sacred flame, the only one that could warm the coldest of the hearts.

- ‘I want you’ He said .

- ‘We will always do’ She replied, with a tear in her cheek, but not a sweet sweet happiness tear .

- “I want you” He whispered .

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November 17th, 2014
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