A lonely wolf

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“You don’t realize how lonely you are, until the person that scares away the loneliness is gone”, he said to himself.

“I should post on Facebook a pitiful post about my best friend suddenly disappearing and about how much I miss him”, he continued, in his head.

“But thinking myself an intellectual I wouldn’t be able to do so without analysing the situation and realizing that I just want to to do it to feel better about myself thanks to the pity of others”, he thought.

“And then … It wouldn’t really matter, would it?”

He was speechless then. Thoughtless. There were those he could reach for, but none who could understand. Because none were as damaged as him, so he could understand pain when he saw pain in others.

And as tears formed in his eyes, he thought “Well. I miss you, bro”

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July 19th, 2017
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