Thoughts on "In Conversation With God" by Neale Donald Walsch.

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This book is can be highly, highly controversial and the value it brings to a reader depends mostly on the already made assumptions and wisdom of such reader.

As any religion-related topic, this book taps strongly into already-made beliefs. Most people, by age 20 or later, already have an strong opinion regarding religion, spiritualism, God, or you name it.

The book, in my opinion, is amazingly good.

Is everything said in it true? I wouldn’t dare say so, but I wouldn’t say otherwise neither.

My scepticism remains, as always. Accepting everything said in a book, even if the author swears it was written with the help of God itself (yes, itself, not himself, because, why not herself then?) is not wise.

The value of the book doesn’t come from accepting the ideas it gives, explains or discusses, but from the challenge it can represent to the reader’s already established ideas and beliefs. If we don’t challenge our own beliefs then we may never grow wiser.

I agree with many, maybe most, of the discussed in the book by “God”. I’ve arrived to many of the same conclusions myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m right in my beliefs and everyone else is wrong.

The book was written by a Catholic author, which can be obviously observed throughout the book. I’d say that if the author was brought up in another religion the same book would be very different.

By this I don’t mean the book are just lies or just truths, by it I mean that “The Truth” is extremely biased. Our perspective affects everything we believe in and how we experience the world.

This is said in different ways throughout the book too.

I would strongly recommend anyone interested in such a topic as Life, self-development and searching for their own “truths” to read this book. The wisdom in it cannot be denied, be it truth or not. After all, it is all just our own opinion.

I finished the book wiser. If I learned something out of it is this:

We are what we are. The world is simply a reflection of who we want to become. It is our decision whether we become our higher self or remain below our true potential.

This is not a new concept, but it is beautifully explained in the book, over and over again.

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April 14th, 2016
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