My thoughts on "Lost Stars" by Claudia Gray

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The description of this book is quite… incomplete.

It states that the book is mostly about the struggle of two friends through their differences, one being in the rebellion and another being an Imperial Officer.

It is true, but it’s so incomplete.

The book is good because of many reasons, it gives a great sense of belonging to anyone who wishes to enter the Star Wars universe, giving an insight into how and why those working for the Empire operate.

If you watched **The Force Awakens **already, you will be delighted to find out one of the things that seem just so… out of order, in the movie. More specifically, but how the hell did a Star Destroyer end up buried in a place like Jakku!?

At the end of Lost Stars you will find out, it’s amazing.

The favorite theme of this book is by far the struggle of the differences between Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell (protagonists). They are so similar yet so different, so close yet so far away through most of the book.

The idea of “it all depends on the point of view” is amazingly shown in Lost Stars. Just as Obi Wan just said to Luke, it is all about the point of view.

For those fighting for the Rebellion, The Empire was the worst thing ever, and is the same view we are shown through the movies. In this book instead, we have a more fair view, people who love the Empire for different reasons and truly believe in its goodness.

However, this doesn’t last forever, we all know The Empire was evil and mostly at the end of the book it is shown as it is by one of our characters, crushing her believes and demonstrating that, even though it is all about the point of view, we shouldn’t be blinded by our own desires to believe in what we follow.

If someone goes against our internal truths, our morals or against what we believe is right, there is no shame in turning your back on it.

5/5 for Lost Stars. I loved it.

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January 24th, 2016
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