My name is Obed Marquez Parlapiano and I was born in Venezuela, which is by now a communist/socialist country. I left Venezuela in 2014 looking for a better place to live and landed in Malta, a small but beautiful Mediterranean island. I’ve been here since.

I’m a software developer and avid reader. I love philosophy, arts, history and science. My blog is a weird combination of everything I find interesting, from book reviews to social criticism, philosophy, short stories and poems. There’s no set format for the blog and I’ll post anything I find interesting to write.

I write mainly for myself, as I find it freeing and great for self-development and self-discovery. I won’t publish half baked posts since that’s not how you do things, but you might like some one of my publications and dislike some others, and that’s absolutely fine! Let me know why you dislike something (or like) and I’ll get better with time 🙂

I’m an outright positivist without a strong political bias (both left and right have good stuff), a lover of sci-fi and like everyone else, trying to find his way in the world.

I’d love to hear from anyone that cares to read or wants have a good conversation: @ObedParla

You can find my digital bookshelf here.