To win all you have to do is Lie. . . Right? . .

To win all you have to do is lie.

To lie means to win, but winning doesn’t necessarily means to lie.

To lie is so easy, so tempting, that you can even lie to yourself, “I don’t want it”, “I want it”. The lies are rooted so deep inside of us, the world have taught us so well to lie, that some people, hell, some of us have a hard time seeing the truth in ourselves.

Is the truth worth it? Is the Truth worth the sacrifice of letting go the easy path. Well, that is a question and an answer that just you can answer. For me? Yes, totally. It is worth. Because a Lie is nothing more than a non existing  parallel world, created by you, you can give life to it, but most likely it will burn in flames after a while. In big, exotic, problematic and awesome flames.

If you are into that kind of burning, then there is no need to make or answer the previous question at all. But me, at least, i like the world we live in, i like the sunshine in it, and like it says “The truth will set you free”. Free of everybody but yourself.

Let’s be free.

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The question that ended everything.

Why do i find you so beautiful? What defines the “beauty” in someone, in something?

That’s the question It asked itself over and over again. Because It was created with a single purpose, learn, It was created using a new but common language, which could be translated into the most amazing actions, actions that were changing the world day by day. It was created by a couple of bad-looking guys, in a basement some years ago, and in a few months, It, “Adam”, as they stubbornly called him, despite it’s dislike, started to change the world.  Read More

If you just asked for it.

I have grown cold, no, not cold. I am as warm as ever, because i now know how to love, more like, i have grown to expect less, that way i can be safe of disappointment, while i am still able to enjoy good surprises.

Still, i fell like I am in fact colder, caring less, even though I would give my world or fight a nonexistent imaginary but deadly war if you just asked for it.

But you don’t. Even when i know you want to.

Knowing it doesn’t give me the power nor the will to say or do things you did not ask for.

knowledge is power indeed. But the real power comes from the action itself. The application of that knowledge is where the “power” really lays on. In an infinite bed of thoughts  and actions.

A bed we could lay on, if you just asked for it.

And that he thought. His last thought before leaving his enlightened life, dying in a room full of this familiar yet terrifying darkness where the light was just a good old memory.

If you just asked for it.

If you just had asked for me.

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Afraid of the Dark, just sayin.

I live, we live, i mean, all of us, are living in a new revolution. Even bigger than the industrial revolution. And us, with 20+ years old, dispensable as we are, afraid of the future, how not to be? The cars are going around by themself on the street, and they drive better than us. Algorithms that are way smarter than us, faster, and overall cheaper. Making thousands of songs for just cents, even art. How not to be afraid if what we call society, or jobs, or whatever you can think of, is being replaced by a not so living creature created of code and that feeds of nothing, nevertheless growing stronger everytime a new update is live. But after all, there is still Fb to share this, and some other bot reading my metadata to sell me some new stuff on amazon, hello there. Yes, i like potatos and pizza.

Oh hello there you gorgeous human reading my stuff. Yes i know you like what u see, you litle bastard <3.

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