Wait, I’m an adult now. When did that happen?

You’re walking down the street or driving your car, or going back to work from a cigarette break when suddenly it hits you: you’re an adult now. When did that happen? When did you grow old, when did you leave behind your younger, naive and innocent self? You’re supposed to be a grown up now, but suddenly you don’t feel like one. Suddenly you feel like you’re not supposed to be here, like the world played a game on you, you pressed auto-pilot and it brought you here, without your consent and all you can do now is play along.

Our endless journey to achieve self importance.

The feeling of importance is one of human being’s most desired feelings. Epic stories have been written, magnificent concertos created and cities have been destroyed just for one man to feel more important. Almost any wish, desire or dream can be scaled down into one single thing: how important will that wish, desire or dream …