Who Are We? And How To Change It.


Waking up in the middle of the night, wondering: who are we?

Who are we? Really?

Are we the conglomerate of billions of atoms constantly moving, resonating songs and interacting with each other in a way our minds cannot start to imagine?

Are we the electro-chemical reactions occurring in our brain and all over our bodies that strongly dictates the way we feel and act?

Are we our subconscious, which determines more than 90% of our behavior and actions?

Are we all of those things together? And if so, why do we continue to insist on the fact that we are what we do? That we are who we want to be, who we choose to be?

Everything we do and everything that we are, is mostly determined by something different than our conscious actions, something different than a well-made-decision, we are nothing but probabilities.

Our genes determined who we are physically, along with the environment in which we grow up and continue to grow. Our genes hide behind the ropes, trying to run faster than the natural destruction that follows them, if they fail we become mutants, our bodies turn against us and we turn toward our very destructive and “advanced” science to help us.

Some seek the help of what we call pseudo-sciences. Some meditate to fix such mutations, some become vegans.

And at the end we all die. Our brain waves slowly going into a pause, our memories fade and we become grown up children, not able to take care of ourselves and forgetting our newest memories. The proper saying of “an old dog cannot learn new tricks” start to apply here. Worse than that, we forget the tricks we knew already.mime

Some of us continue to live peacefully, mutation free, holding onto our dear memories. Those of us, lucky enough to be called “healthy” continue to wonder in our elderness. Our questions change, we stop asking ourselves who we are, and we start asking who we were. There is no more future to forge ourselves, to change who we are and how they will remember us.

Remember. Memories. Is it all about that then? We are nothing but the memories of ourselves and the memories of us in others.

The universe played an old trick with us. It exchanged quality for quantity. We are the ones who remember ourselves the better, most of the time we know our little secrets and desires, we understand why we did what we did or we wonder in the strangeness of our own past; while many others only know and will only remember a little side of us, the writer, the actor, the poet, the one who could drink so much more than anyone else.

Those memories will survive, they will live well after you, if you are lucky.

People will still talk about whoever saved the world, and mostly, of course, about whoever tried to destroy it.

Is that it then? We are nothing more than the fading memory of us in other’s minds? The very distorted reality, going along well after we left this clumsy and amazing bodies.

If this statement is true, we can be whoever we want to be. If this statement is true,  we are indeed who we choose to be, we are what others remember, change those memories in others and you will change yourself.

This is just cheating, of course. You are nothing and everything. You are what you believe you are, your reality will shift if you put new glasses.

The cake is a lie and only your perspective defines who you really are.

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