The odds of it, rolling the dice of life.

Rolling Dices

What are the odds of it, the odds of something happening, the odds of nothing happening?

Think about it for a second, when you find someone you know in the street, in a specific place, in the bus stop, in a shop, in a restaurant, in the middle of nowhere. What are the odds of you two being at that  specific place, at that specific moment? If one of you decided to turn left, instead of right, to drink the cup of coffee at home a bit slower, to stretch before leaving, to look at the sky for a couple of seconds, them, it would all have changed.

Every minute and second counts. With the most little of changes, a leaf not falling in front of you and making you look up for a couple of seconds, a last check to Facebook before leaving, a minute of being lazy in bed, the board will be modified, the two chess pieces would never collide, they would pass next to each other, separated just by time, having no knowledge of what could have been, just if.

What are the odds then, of meeting that person in that coffee shop that time? That random stranger that would eventually become your friend, your confident, your partner in life, wife, husband, enemy, lover, rescuer, who knows? The odds of it happening are themselves overwhelming.

What if you never went to that coffee shop? What if you decided to change for today, to drink in a new place? Or what if in that new place, you would have met no one? Your wife would be different, your might have never had an enemy, your rescuer would have never rescued you, because that stranger continued to be an stranger, just because what looked like an unimportant decision you made, about what place to buy your next coffee from, turned out to be a life changing decision, you rolled the dice and lost, in a game you didn’t know you were playing.

Every decision counts, but that leads us to the question of:

How many things have we left behind?

You might have met your wife yesterday, if you decided to wait for the next bus, instead of taking the one you took.

The best friend you could possibly have ever met, was not there, because that stranger’s tea was too hot, and she burned her tongue, making her leave home 5 minutes later than usual . . .

A person that would be your best inspiration didn’t inspire you, because you looked to your left, instead of looking to your right . . .

A gazillion amount of possibilities await at every corner, and the fact is, most of them are just waiting to be taken, they are standing there, floating, you just need to approached them, maybe without knowing, and Blurpp (The sound of a possibility being taken. What? Blurpp!), you have acquired a long lasting friend, a possible partner for life, investor, coach, inspiration.

In business that is called Networking, getting to know the biggest amount of useful strangers you can, talking to them, knowing them, letting they know you, and Blurpp, Strangers No More.

You never know when that girl that served your coffee yesterday will eventually become a best selling author, and you might get her endorsement in your next book, just because you were nice to her, when everybody else was a dick that morning.

You never know when you will become that best selling author yourself, thanks to the inspiration a fighting couple gave you, while walking without destination in a depressed/stressed night.

There are a lot of Ifs in this publication, indeed, but Life is all about Ifs, the biggest difference is how you use them, are you using them as excuses?

What if I fail? What if they don’t like my work? What if no one reads my book? What if I’m not worthy?

Or if in the other hand, you are using them as your jet fuel?

If this books sucks, my next one will be better. If I fail, I will learn from it, to not fail again. If I’m not worthy, I’ll become worthy.

If I stop punishing myself. If I stop looking for excuses. If I start creating, doing, making, dreaming, then I’ll make the odds work for me, instead of against me.

And may the odds be ever in your favor. Blurpp!

I have two things to say that matter in this publication:

1) Be. Fucking. Awesome.

2) Blurpp.

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