The end of the story is all that matters.

That's all folks

Did you read the title? It is true.

The end of a story is all that matters. A story becomes The Story, when it has a great ending.

A king is no The King without The Crown. A queen is no The Queen without The Crown. And a story is no The Story without it’s Ending. Without it’s epic ending be it.

It is the nightmare of writers, it haunts us all.

It is the desire of the enjoy-er, that who reads or watches. The desire to know how it all ends, how this world which you are drawn into falls into blackness forever. Because once you know the ending, then it is all over, nothing will change. It is The End.

The end is all there is, no matter how good a story was or could be, it all falls into the arms of the ending, if the ending doesn’t hold to the epicness of the story, the story itself will burn into mediocrity.

The End of The Story is all that matters. Is all there is. It is the ending, the only final thing. It is the reason why Life itself is the most beautiful thing we know of. It might be because we have the ability to do wonders with it. It might be the wonderness of life itself, watching every new sunrise and sunset as if it was the last.

Or it might just be because the Life’s Ending is just the best ending. What book would be bought if everyone knew how it is going to end? Who many people would watch a movie to which everyone knows the final?

But yet, here we are, living this wondrous life, every single one of us, knowing how this story ends, we don’t know the details, we don’t know how many pages this Book Of Life has, but we truly know the ending.

The Story itself is just as good as its ending, it has to be. That’s why some of us prefer to never put a real ending to anything, to leave the doors open, to leave some window accessible, because maybe some other wonders will get in just by mistake, because maybe, just maybe, The Story isn’t truly over.

This is what we know, we are as sure as what’s the ending to every life, as we are to what happens next.

So . . .

What Happens Next?

I was just watching RUSH, quite an interesting movie. I like the ending, that made it a good movie, it could have been a “Meh” movie, with other ending.

Just a small side note there. I hope you enjoyed my not so peculiar point of view, and as always, read you next time.

To: Love. Learn. Experience. Create.

That is to live.

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