7 Things I learned from Harry Potter.

This week I finished one of the best series of books I’ve ever read, the Harry Potter series.

Here are some of the reasons I totally loved H.P and 7 things I learned from it, in no particular order and referring to different topics. Only 7 of the many, many reasons why I fell in love with the story.

Our Deep Loss Of Intimacy & How To Save The World.

This was going to originally be a publication about the reason of why I don’t congratulate my friends by just putting a meaningless “Happy stupid birthday” on their Facebook Walls. Ok, without the stupid word. But it became much more. I looked deeper into the loss of intimacy we have experienced. Not that I’m too …

To win all you have to do is Lie. . . Right? . .

To win all you have to do is lie. To lie means to win, but winning doesn’t necessarily means to lie. To lie is so easy, so tempting, that you can even lie to yourself, “I don’t want it”, “I want it”. The lies are rooted so deep inside of us, the world have taught …