My nonna and her stories.

My family, just like any other family out there, has some interesting history and things worth talking about and stories worth telling. I was talking with my spouse the other day about them, and I realized how much I enjoyed telling their stories, in particular, my grandmother’s (nonna hereafter) stories. Like most European grandparents, mine went […]

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The value of friendship.

As I sit alone my mind starts to think back to my past. Back to people that were once cornerstones of my life. Not just friends that shared their lives with me, but good friends, the best of friends, partners, brothers and sisters with different blood but loved as much as if we were twins. […]

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Playing with toy scissors

My daughter came to me with plastic toy scissors and started to play with them, as I’m sitting down on the sofa in front of her she takes the two parts of the toy apart by mistake alongside an expression of surprise in seeing the toy breaking apart. I proceed to put it back, she […]

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On Becoming A Man.

I was watching a movie the other day called “20th Century Women”. In it, a couple of women try to teach a 15 y/o boy how to *become* a man at the request of his mother, since she doesn’t know how to teach him herself. Not just to *be* a man but how to *become* […]

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